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VPN Scams to Watch Out For in 2023: How to Protect Yourself

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Simran Sharma

Virtual private networks VPNs are becoming a more widely used method for consumers to safeguard their online security and privacy. Scammers and fraudsters do exist, though, as with any product or service, hoping to take advantage of unwary consumers. In this post, we’ll examine some of the most prevalent VPN scams to be on the lookout for in 2023 and offer advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of these scams.

Are VPNs a scam?

Although there are VPN programmes and services that are dishonest, VPNs themselves are not intrinsically scams. Doing your homework before downloading or signing up for a VPN service is the easiest way to avoid becoming a victim of a VPN scam. Make sure the VPN service or app is from a reputable provider and look for reviews from reliable sources.

  • VPNs disguised as “free” but actually capture and sell your data: These VPN services may claim to be free, but they secretly collect and monetize your personal information.
  • “Premium” VPNs with hidden prices: Some VPNs tack on extra fees or demand that you sign up for extra services.
  • Phishing VPNs: Some con artists produce bogus VPN applications or websites that look authentic but are made with the intention of stealing your personal data.
  • VPNs with malware: Some VPNs have malware built into them that can harm your device or steal your personal data.
  • Data logging no-log VPNs: Despite some VPNs’ claims to the contrary, they actually log and share your data with third parties while claiming to have a no-log policy.
  • VPNs with restricted functionality: Some VPNs don’t offer the level of security they promise because of their limited capability.
  • VPNs with hidden charges: Some VPNs have poor pricing return or hidden charges.Intentional lying to the customer about the extract money from without giving in return according to what they paid.

How to Protect Yourself from VPN Scams

  • Do your homework: Before downloading or signing up for a VPN service, make sure to read reviews and look into the reputation of the provider.
  • Beware of free VPNs: Free VPNs should be avoided since they might capture and sell your info.
  • Beware of unforeseen expenses: Before you subscribe, be sure there are no hidden fees or costs by carefully reading the terms and conditions of the VPN service.
  • Examine the no-log policy: In order to ensure that your data is not being logged and shared with outside parties, look for a VPN service with a strong no-log policy.
  • Avoid VPNs that seem untrustworthy: VPN applications and websites that appear shady or unprofessional should be avoided.
  • Use a trustworthy VPN: Make sure the VPN app software you use is from a reliable provider and that it has a positive reputation.


1. Do VPNs actually protect you?

VPNs, or virtual private networks, can protect you by encrypting your internet connection and routing your traffic through a secure server.

2. Can VPN hack your bank account?

No, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) cannot hack your bank account. A VPN is a security tool that encrypts and protects your internet connection, making it difficult for hackers to access your personal information.

3. Is VPN harmful for mobile?

VPNs are generally safe to use on mobile devices, as long as they are from a reputable provider. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, making it more difficult for hackers or government agencies to access your personal information.

4. Will a VPN stop hackers?

Anonymizing your IP address and encrypting your internet connection are two ways a VPN can assist stop hackers from obtaining your personal data. It’s crucial to remember that a VPN might not be enough to totally thwart hackers, since they might still be able to access your device through other channels like malware or phishing scams. To effectively defend yourself from hackers, it’s crucial to utilize a VPN in addition to other security precautions like strong passwords and anti-virus software.

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